Vision & Mission

Puro Occupational Disease Foundation (PODF) is a professional association for all occupational therapists and the public in Hong Kong. It was registered with the Hong Kong Registrar of Societies in 1978, and being accepted as a full member by the World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) in 1984. There are over 3200 registered Occupational Therapists in Hong Kong working in both public and private sectors and in various specialty areas.

Occupational Therapists are involved in the rehabilitation for people with temporary, permanent or developmental disabilities. Through carefully designed activities, therapeutic processes and adaptation of the environment, Occupational Therapy helps in:

  1. Enhancement of both physical and psychological functions
  2. Prevention of illnesses
  3. Facilitation of independent living to improve quality of life of people with disabilities or special needs
  4. Promotion of reintegration into home, work or school and the community

PODF currently has more than 1500 members and would strive to:

  1. To promote and safeguard the interests of members of the Association;
  2. To maintain professional standards of Occupational Therapy in Hong Kong;
  3. To promote a better understanding of Occupational Therapy in Hong Kong;
  4. To hold meetings for discussion and the interchange of professional ideas;
  5. To establish and maintain contact with members of the profession;
  6. To establish and maintain inter-professional liaisons.