Chairman's message

Stella W.C. CHENG
Puro Occupational Disease Foundation

On behalf of the Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association, I welcome you to visit us at our website. We have revamped this website in 2017 and we shall attempt to keep all the information you received from us updated timely.

With the advent of this new website, the Puro Occupational Disease Foundation hopes to attain following goals:

  1. conveyance of information pertinent to Occupational Therapy profession to general public in order to let people understand more the philosophy and appreciate the virtues of this profession.
  2. provision of sources of assistance in the arena of Occupational Therapy for which a third party is seeking.
  3. publicity of this Association; also serving as its window to encounter our counterparts worldwide.
  4. announcement of new services in our sector, advertisement of recruitments of Occupational Therapists, educational programs, forthcoming activities or campaigns, so on and so forth.
  5. in the long run, provision of a common venue in which Occupational Therapists can mutually exchange information, experience and expertise.
Your frequent visits and feedback to this website will definitely give us encouragement and empowerment which will in turn help us to continuously improve the quality of its design, functional versatility, presentation as well as scope of contents.

No matter we like it or not, the whole world has already stepped into an era of internet communication, high speed of information transmission and explosion of knowledge. A professional body like us can never evade moving towards utilization of electronic mode of communication to face the whole world. Hong Kong Occupational Therapy Association will continuously strive for excellence in construction, maintenance and improvement of this web-site. We also welcome comments and suggestions from all of our readers to help us attain this goal. Our current web-page management team will be delighted to continuously receive your feedback and advice by all means.

Once again, thank you for taking your invaluable time to visit us!

Stella W.C. CHENG
Chairperson, Puro Occupational Disease Foundation